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Putting the Fire in the Equations; Generating multilevel dynamical processes in Physics and Psychology

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Quantum Reality
(a book)
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  1. Prospects for a Philosophy of Nature
  2. Dispositions
  3. Problems in Classical Physics
  4. The Peculiarities of Quantum Physics
  5. Reconsidering Philosophical Foundations
  6. Actuality
  7. Potentiality
  8. A Theory of Space and Time
  9. A Theory of Substance
  10. Quantum Substances
  11. Two Stages of Propensities
  12. Measurements and Other Actualisations
  13. Summary of the Argument

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The Nature of Substance

Real Dispositions in the Physical World

Process Theory and the Concept of Substance

Propensity Substance

What does the Wave Function Describe?

Identifying Propensity as Substance

Derivative Dispositions and Multiple Generative Level

Power and Substance

Dispositional Essentialism
A.J. Bird, Toby Handfield, Jonathan Jacobs,
Steven Mumford, Claudine Tiercelin, Mauro Dorato, Neil Williams, Rani Lill Anjum

Metaphysics of science project

Dispositions and Causes (2005),
Nature and its Classification (2007), and
Putting Powers to Work (2011)
Metaphysics & Phil.Sci. (2011)

D. Meschini et al., Fay Dowker, Michael Heller

Jessica Wilson

Quantum Philosophy:
Quantum Philosophy Theories

General Meta-Physics:
Philosophy of Science E-prints

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Oxford Philosophy of Physics
List of philosophy-related websites


Philosophy Journals

Other Online Papers
Dispositions in Philosophy and Physics

Bridging Physics with Psychology
Minds form a Discrete Degree
Talk at Tucson2008


Discrete Degrees Within and Between Nature and Mind

Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness:
A Causal Correspondence Theory

Causal Closure of the Physical

Quantum mechanics and consciousness: Thoughts on a causal correspondence theory

Functions & Dispositions:
C. Klein (pdf)

Development of the Mind and Brain: Cognitive constructions and their reorganizations

Ontogenesis of consciousness (cc)

Sylvain Poirier: Specifications for a Mind Makes Collapse interpretation of quantum physics

NeuroQuantology (journal)

New Dualism





Mind Design and MInimal Syntax,
a book by Wolfram Hinzen (OUP, 2005)

Periodic Aspects of the Theory of Developmental Stages

Layered Cognitive Networks

Quantum Structures in Concepts and Language:
D. Aerts' papers; also here. H. Roemer papers.
Andrei Yu. Khrennikov.

Multilevel intentions:
Elisabeth Pacherie


Prometheus Research

Piagetian Theory

Models of Hierarchical Complexity

Other Online Papers
Dispositions in Psychology

General Psychology:
Psychology E-prints


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